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You can now buy a flying car in Spain for 500,000 euros

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The future has already arrived, this is the first flying car. 

The Pal-V Liberty requires a helicopter pilot license

Reaches 100 km / h on the highway and 180 km in airplane mode

In Marbella you can not only see Rolls Royces, Bentleys or Ferraris walking through its streets. Its inhabitants and tourists can also observe this week a futuristic model that seems to come from the universe of science fiction writer Philip K. Dick. And they will not have to look at the asphalt but at the sky to contemplate it in its maximum splendor, because the Costa del Sol has just arrived the first model of vehicle that will fly in Spain and of which only 90 units will be manufactured.
An innovative concept that will revolutionize the aeronautics and automotive industry, the latter now in full transition to electric and autonomous vehicles. A new mode of transport that will offer more mobility solutions in the not so distant future. Its price, as expected, is only available to large fortunes: 500,000 euros.

The exclusive dealer of Marbella Supergarage  exhibited on Tuesday at its facilities the Pal-V Liberty that was presented at the last Geneva Motor Show. A car that will allow its users to fly or drive on roads according to their interests. Save the hellish rush hours. Of course, it will be necessary to obtain a helicopter pilot license to be able to handle it.

It is the first certified commercial flying vehicle and can now be ordered on request at the Marbella establishment with the expectation that the first units will be delivered from 2019. The British company Pal V-Liberty will be ahead of the forecasts made Earlier this year the CEO of Uber, Dara Khosrowshahi, who predicted that in 10 years “there will be people flying around Dallas” referring to his own project of flying car. An image that will make scenes of Blade Runner that were once entelechy.

The vehicle has space for two occupants and its power is 100 horses in road mode (reaching a maximum speed of 100 km / h) and 200 (180 km / h) in airplane mode. It has the capacity to climb up to 3,500 meters high  and has a autonomy of 1,300 kilometers on asphalt and 500 kilometers on air.

The Pal-V has two engines for air piloting and one for driving on the ground . In the sky it uses the gyroplane technology that ensures more stability than a helicopter and greater handling capacity. It is also prepared to make emergency landings in only 160 meters.

In recent years there were several companies that presented flying car projects but never passed the cut of the development phase. Now this company, which has had Dutch engineers for vehicle mechanics and Italian professionals for its aesthetics, has made the dream of those motor lovers who seek strong emotions come true.

It is not trivial that the company has chosen for its presentation in Spain the Supergarage dealer, known for offering some of the most elite vehicles on the market. From La Ferrari (3 million euros) to the Bugatti Veyron (1.5 million euros).

Its premiere in society did not leave anyone indifferent. And you already want to see it with its propellers deployed. It seems that there will be no problems in finding buyers because yesterday an Arab was interested in this model that will also have a more basic version from 320,000 euros.

“They have chosen us as distributors because we have the most exclusive vehicles and a clientele with the capacity to pay those prices,” says Malu Beltrán, one of the Supergarage managers, who will exhibit the Pal-V Liberty until Friday.

Brands also look to the sky
The brands of cars want to conquer the sky. Like, for example, Audi that has partnered with Italdesign and Airbus to launch the Pop.Up Next, a mix between the car and the drone. Rolls Royce has announced that it has developed a hybrid flying taxi that could start operating in the next decade.

This company presented its electric take-off and vertical landing vehicle at the Farnborough International Aeronautical Show and whose design is designed to transport goods and people and for military use. It will reach a speed of 402 kilometers. “The time has come to be pioneers again,” said Rob Watson, head of the Rolls Royce Electrical department. And we must not forget the recent proposal of Aston Martin.
Las marcas de automóviles quieren conquistar el cielo. Como, por ejemplo, Audi que se ha aliado con Italdesign y Airbus para poner en marcha el Pop.Up Next, un mezcla entre el coche y el dron. Rolls Royce ha anunciado que ha desarrollado un taxi volador híbrido que podría comenzar a funcionar la próxima década.

Esta compañía presentó su vehículo eléctrico de despegue y aterrizaje vertical en el Salón Internacional Aeronáutico Farnborough y cuyo diseño está pensado para transportar mercancías y personas y para el uso militar. Alcanzará una velocidad de 402 kilómetros. “Ha llegado la hora de volver a ser pioneros”, dijo Rob Watson, responsable del departamento de Rolls Royce Electrical. Y no hay que olvidar la reciente propuesta de Aston Martin.

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