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Yanmar presents two high-powered industrial diesel engines

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Yanmar presents two high-powered industrial diesel engines

Yanmar has developed two new high-power industrial diesel engines that produce up to 155kW while complying with the EU Stage V emission regulations.
The launch has been during INTERMAT 2018, one of the world’s largest industrial displays machinery. With the addition of these new engines, the 4TN101 and 4TN107, Yanmar’s diesel engine line has expanded, placing the company at the heart of the market for high-powered diesel engines.
Industrial and marine diesel engines must meet stringent emissions regulations in several markets, while offering superior fuel economy and overall efficiency with reliability and durability to satisfy current customers. Yanmar has always provided a wide range of products to meet the needs of its customers and continues to do so with the two engines presented. The 4TN101 and 4TN107 are the result of Yanmar’s rich heritage and vast experience in the development of advanced diesel engine technology, and demonstrate the company’s commitment to produce the best high-power, low-consumption diesel engines that demand the market.
In addition to these newly developed high-power diesel engines, Yanmar will continue to offer superior compact diesel engines that meet the needs of all its customers in the class of less than 56 kW.

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