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Yamaha MWC-4: this happens when you mix a car and a motorcycle

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Behind this name 4 hides a four-wheeled car that tilts on curves like motorcycles.

It combines characteristics of both worlds.

For a long time we have seen motorcycles (scooters, more specifically) on their front axle, two wheels that increase their stability and that, when bending, they “slide” one on the other. Yamaha has already applied this technology to its Tricity, but now it has been transferred to a spectacular prototype that will present at the next Tokyo Motor Show: the Yamaha MWC-4.

We can not qualify as a motorcycle or car (the signature of the tuning fork already made its mark two years ago with the Sports Ride Concept), but as a hybrid between both worlds that seeks to take advantage of the best of each.

Its design is the most peculiar, with four wheels attached to a chassis / frame on which is then mounted a semicarrocería that includes a front face, a long windshield that forms the roof and side panels for the lower half, leaving the windows to the air, in the style of the Renault Twizy.

The passenger compartment is not very appreciated, except that it has a traditional format seat, like that of any car, and that there is no steering wheel at the checkpoint, but handlebars. How do you drive then? Thanks to the LMW (Leaning Multi-Wheel) system, the entire body tilts when cornering, which, with four supports, should give it a lot of stability.

The brand has also announced that it employs an electric motor and an extended autonomy system, although it has not entered details of power or range per charge.

El PAIS Mario Herráez · 18/10/2017 (Translation Soft)

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