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Yamaha gives surprise in Tokyo with Niken

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he model, with an astonishing front train with twin-hub forks on each of the two front wheels, is ready for production.

With EICMA, the Milan hall, in the nearer horizon and where the brands of the sector present their great novelties for the course, the hall of Tokyo usually leaves us always some surprise as an advance.

In this case Yamaha has revealed a revolutionary model: the Niken. It is a three-wheeled vehicle located inside the so-called LMW (Large Leaning Multi-Wheeler) based on its successful MT-09 with an inline three-cylinder engine and liquid cooling.


Equipped with an unprecedented complete front suspension mechanism, the Niken has two 15-inch front wheels with two inverted bitubo forks that accentuate, as well as providing a safe reading of the curves and roughness of the terrain, its sporting character . It is likely that the name is a true reflection of this amazing technological option: ‘Ni’, two in Japanese and ‘Ken’, sword.

Few technical details have transcended in the salon by Yamaha: 2.150 mm x 885 mm x 1.250 mm (length x width x height); 4-stroke DOHC 4-valve liquid cooled engine; 3-cylinder in-line and fuel supply: fuel injection.

We will have to wait for Milan to have more details although having the MT-09 as a base we can get an idea.

Although the company has confirmed that it is a model ready for production, the price is by now unknown.

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