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Workers and management of Opel in Spain face the negotiation of their first agreement after the purchase of PSA

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Opel workers and management in Spain face the negotiation of their first collective agreement after the purchase of the European subsidiary by the French group PSA.

The previous labor agreement has been in force since 2013 and expires this year. As a standard procedure, the company has notified the Labor Delegation of the expiration of the agreement in order to start the negotiation process. From this moment, the two parties have one month to convene the first meeting, that is, they must do so before October 18. The day of this appointment is yet to be specified, union and company sources told Europa Press.

In this context, last week the Opel works council met and appointed the colleagues who will be at the negotiating table. These days, each union is working on the lines that they believe must be addressed in this process.

The workers face this process while they are pending the term of the hundred days that the gala company was given to design the future of the group, and that in principle would conquer in November. The current agreement affects the workers of the silver work center of Figueruelas and some of those who serve in the firm’s office in Madrid.

FOR EUROPE PRESSZARAGOZA – 10/9/2017 (Translation Soft)

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