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We left the Peugeot Rally Cup Ibérica for this year, and we focused on the Galician Rally Championship, with the home test.

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JG Automotive continues to support its driver @franciscodoradovizcaino  and his co-driver Roi Torrente betting on technology in high competition in the automotive world.

Fco. Dorado gives us his comments on the trajectory of this year and focuses his participation in the Galician Rallies to end the year:

“This year has been very intense for us, we have participated in tests of the Spanish Rally Championship of Asphalt, in tests of the Spanish Championship of Rally of Earth, in tests of the Championship of Portugal of Rallies, in tests of the World Rally Championship , and in tests of the European Rally Championship.

The idea was none other than to get experience, in a world where we lack a lot compared to our rivals. Even so, we have achieved good results, being close to experienced pilots and world class, some European champions already, or in other cases serious candidates for the coming years. We have learned a lot and we have had a lot of fun.

From here, we make a point and followed. This weekend we will not participate in the fifth round of the Peugeot Rally Cup Ibérica, which would be the RACC in Barcelona, ​​nor in a month in the last one of the contest, since we do not have options in the general cup.

We have decided not to continue, and focus on two home tests, the Rallye de San Froilán and the Rallye da Ulloa (held in November). The Rally San Froilán is a mythical rally in Spain, which is now framed within the Galician Rally Championship, the highest level championship in Spain. On this occasion there are 100 pilots registered for the race, which will start this Friday with the start ceremony in the center of Lugo, and will continue with the timed events on Saturday.

Since it is the home rally, we will try to make a good role, but above all, take the whole car to the end and try to enjoy the day to the fullest. We encourage all those who can approach the rally, either to the park closed in the As Gándaras Polygon, to the work park in the Polígono de Outeiro de Rei, or to the sections themselves.

Thank you for your continued support ”

Our maximum support to Fco. Dorado in your next races.


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