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Volkswagen returns to Pikes Peak to conquer it with an electric prototype

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‘Teaser’ of the electric prototype with which Volkswagen aims to beat the record of Pikes Peak

The best current time is held by Rhys Millen with 8: 57.118. The mark was present in the race from 85 to 87.

Volkswagen Motorsport will have a very special challenge in the year 2018: to achieve the record in the mythical ascent to the Pikes Peak with a prototype propelled solely by electricity, the first competition car of this nature that will make the German mark.

The competition department of Volkswagen and the department of technical development of the brand will work side by side in an official project which, in addition, is totally novel for the firm. The goal will be to beat the current ‘Rise to the Clouds’ record for an electric car held by Rhys Millen with 8: 57.118.

Pikes Peak is one of the oldest racing events in the world (the first edition dates back to 1916) and consists of an ascent of 19.99 kilometers with 156 curves, almost 1,500 meters of unevenness and a goal at 4,300 meters of altitude, conditions especially hard drives that form an ideal test bed for the electric propulsion technology, which Volkswagen wants to boost notably in the next decade.

The Wolfsburg mark was already present in the race in 1985, 86 and 87, in the latter with a Golf II Twin engine that could not finish the course (was only 400 meters and three corners of the goal) when it marked the best times intermediates. Now his presence will luster the test, which did not have a large manufacturer involved with the full potential of his factory since Peugeot won with Sebastien Loeb in the absolute category in 2013.

EXPANSION – BY ENRIQUE NARANJO – @quique_naranjo – 10/19/2017 (Translation Soft)

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