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Volkswagen increases sales in January by 10.1%, to 898,700 units

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The German automotive group Volkswagen has increased sales in January by 10.1%, to 898,700 units, due to growth in all regions, compared to the same month of the previous year.

Volkswagen, which has other brands such Audi, Porsche and Seat, reported today that deliveries rose especially in Brazil, Russia and China.

Sales improved in China last month by 15.9%, to 398,600 units, while in Russia they did so by 20.8%, to 11,900 units and in Brazil, 45.5%, to 28,100 units.

The Sales Director of the Volkswagen Group, Fred Kappler, highlighted the figures “the remarkable growth in all regions”.

In Europe, the VW group improved deliveries by 5.5%, to 332,600 units, of which 97,900 in Germany (7.4% more) due to the positive effects of the subsidy to buy a less polluting vehicle.

From August to the end of January 150,000 customers in Germany have used this aid from the brands of the consortium.

Also, sales rose in the US 6.7%, up to 44,300 units.

The Volkswagen brand, the group’s main brand, increased sales in January by 7.1%, to 533,500 units, and the brand of the high-end Audi, even, by 20.3%, to 149,100 units.

The Seat brand increased them by 20.4% to 38,900 units, and the Czech brand Skoda increased them by 10.7% to 103,800 units.

Sales of the Porsche sports car brand increased by 12% (22,400 units).

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles reduced sales in January by 1.4% to 34,500 units, and Swedish truck manufacturer Scania up 30.3% to 7,200 units.

MAN also increased them by 29.7%, to 8,300 units, compared to January last year.

EFE – Frankfurt (Germany) – EL DIARIO – 02/16/2018 (Translation Soft)

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