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Velocipede, the Spanish vehicle triumphing at the Oscars Design

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“JG Automotive has participated in the development of the project and prototypes of some of the parts of the Velocipede Cargo”

It is a three-wheel electric called to revolutionize urban mobility, combining the agility of a motorcycle and the benefits of safety and comfort of a car, with zero carbon emissions.

Torrot’s Velocipede has been awarded an honorable mention in the prestigious Red Dot Awards 2019, one of the most important design competitions in the world. The three-wheeled and interconnected urban mobility of the Velocipede has stood out in the Product Design 2019 awards in the category of Automobiles and Motorcycles, when the jury estimated the design and design strategy created by Torrot and Mormedi, the strategic design and innovation consultant Based in Madrid, London and Tokyo. This was chosen by Torrot to define the novel lines of the vehicle of an electric future: the Velocipede.

The Velocipede is a three-wheeled electric vehicle that is called to revolutionize urban mobility, combining the agility of a motorcycle and the safety and comfort benefits of a car, all with zero carbon emissions.

Given the pioneering nature of the project, the research and an exhaustive strategy, carried out by Torrot and Mormedi, were crucial for the complexities of current urban mobility to be interpreted and reflected in the design of a completely revolutionary vehicle. The result is the Velocípedo, a visionary vehicle that complies with all the above and that also responds to a niche market in constant evolution, which is characterized, especially by the user’s need to drive a vehicle that, even being closed , offers the benefits of a motorcycle and a car: Torrot’s Velocipede is agile, safe, comfortable, connected and universal.

Iván Contreras, CEO of Torrot, thanked the CEO of Red Dot, Peter Zec, who congratulated the winners for being able to satisfy the strict criteria of the jury, because this is proof of the quality of their design. “We are proud that we have been distinguished by the excellence, originality and design strategy of the Velocipede, in a segment as complicated as that of the automotive industry, thanks to a hundred percent Spanish design that puts us in the international orbit and that drives us to work harder if possible to bring this revolution to the streets in a short space of time ».

Contreras also reminded that the Velocipede is manufactured in the industrial adaptation of the Torrot HomeTECH, based in the Zona Franca de Cádiz. For his part, Jaime Moreno, founder and CEO of Mormedi, said: “We are proud that the Velocipedo has been recognized in one of the most prestigious design competitions in the world. This is a new concept in urban mobility that has the potential to revolutionize transport in cities as we know it today. ”

ABC – Madrid – 04/04/2019 (Translation Soft)

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