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Torrot’s 100% electric Velocípedo Cargo will be marketed in the second half of 2018

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JG Automotive has participated in the development of the project and prototypes of some of the Velocípedo Cargo parts.

  • With capacity to load up to 40 kg of weight or 210 liters of space
  • Incorporates a 10 kW engine that equals 13.5 horsepower 
  • The Torrot and Gas-Gas rescuerUrban mobility is experiencing new situations derived from current problems, such as traffic restrictions, pollution and cuts that occur in the streets of large cities. To this we must add the growing number of home services, the result of ecommerce. For this, Torrot, the only Spanish mobility technology company that makes electric and connected vehicles, has included in its range of urban mobility models, intended only for home delivery services, better known as ‘last mile’, the Velocipede Cargo , a three-wheeled vehicle with capacity to load up to 40 Kg of weight or 210 liters of capacity, which will be available in the second half of 2018. This multiplies the capacity that up to now it is usually possible to carry on a single motorcycle.The Velocipede Cargo is totally electric and has advantages for professionals, among others, it helps to improve the efficiency of the fleets while reducing the expense. According to Torrot, if we compare with combustion vehicles, the saving that occurs in terms of consumption and maintenance is 90% and 80% lower respectively. As regards the driving technology that it incorporates, it is available in all its versions, an engine of 10KW of power, which translates into 13.5 horses. It reaches 95 km / h and has a range of more than 120 kilometers. Of course, the motorcycle is approved as electric L3, that is, as a vehicle of 125 c.c. This will prevent the vast majority of users from driving, unless they have the A1 or B license of the car with more than three years old.
  • The Velocipede Cargo offers four driving modes: Eco, Urban, Sport Walking and Reserve, that adapts to the needs of the driver. This model incorporates sensors that send information about the vehicle to the OBU (On Board Unid). It is a brain that collects the location data of the vehicle, the warning of collision, the warning of unauthorized movements and the state of the batteries. It allows remote organization, achieving greater optimization of the routes. Currently, the device is in the testing phase, but there is already interest from urban logistics companies, which seek sustainable solutions. Among them, Revoolt, allied with Torrot to carry out its home delivery services of products acquired in supermarkets. In addition, a special chest has been designed to suit your needs. Another advantage of this motorcycle is the ease and short recharge time. The Velocipede Cargo has a power pack, a system composed of five removable Li-Ion batteries of 1.6 KWH with plug & amp; play connectors, which allows you to change the battery that is worn by 100% in a few seconds.More information https://torrot.com/es/velocipedo-cargo elmundo.es – ÁLVARO CEJAS – Madrid (Translation Soft)
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