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Torrot starts its HomeTech for the industrialization of its velocipede

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The new facilities, with 7,000 square meters in the Zona Franca de Cádiz, will house the industrial center that would launch the company’s technological processes.

The Torrot company has presented in Cadiz its HomeTECH Torrot IC 4.0, in the old Altadis factory, with 7,000 square meters, of which 5,000 will go to the industrialization of the velocipede created by the company and the rest in offices, as indicated by the CEO of Torrot, Iván Contreras.

The CEO of Torrot, Iván Contreras, has presented the center where, approximately, at the end of the year and once the works of technical adaptation and equipment are completed, will develop industrially the technological processes of the firm.

Also, it will also develop the Velocipede in its two versions, the Cargo model and the cover. Currently the new interconnected vehicle, three wheels and fully electric, already has a volume of orders of about 2,500 units.

Torrot is the only Spanish industrial technology company that makes electric and connected vehicles. With a history that dates back to 1948, it was re-founded in 2015 by its current CEO, Iván Contreras, which gave it a strategic turn towards sustainable and interconnected personal mobility. Torrot has 150 employees, exports more than 90 percent of its production internationally and has a commercial presence in more than 30 countries around the world. Torrot has a factory in Spain, specifically in Salt (Girona) and has just launched it in Cádiz.

The adequacy of the facilities will require a total investment of 15 million euros, to which are added the more than two million euros of this phase of adaptation, which will take about five months.

Iván Contreras, who attended the event driving a Velocípedo Cargo, stressed that the HomeTECH has been conceived as a multifunctional space, which will combine robotic and semirobotized assembly lines, where the Velocipede will be assembled, in an assembly line with 15 positions. This use will be simultaneous to that of the office area, among which the engineering area stands out, which will carry out the industrial developments of the Torrot electric models.

“HomeTECH will complement our production plant in Salt (Gerona), which will produce the bulk of our interconnected and electric vehicles,” explained Contreras.

The CEO of the multinational firm explained that Torrot was a pioneer in betting on a new mobility model that has proved successful: interconnected sustainable mobility, responsible for the emergence of new forms of mobility in large cities, such as motosharing. Efficiency, respect for the environment, electric mobility, benefits, technology and greater freedom for the user are the keys to the success of a sector that, in Spain, leads Torrot in its segment since 2017.

The event was attended by the Minister of the Presidency, Elías Bendodo; the one of Economy, Rogelio Velasco; the mayor of Cádiz, José María González; the rector of the University of Cádiz, Eduardo González; the delegate of the Free Trade Zone, Victoria Rodríguez; and the president of Torrot and Muving, Rafael Contreras.

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