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The Volkswagen factory in Landaben hopes to recover its production record in 2019

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The navarra factory expects to manufacture 350,000 cars per year in two years

The factory of the German brand Volkswagen in Navarra trusts to return in 2019 to the production figures of which to date has been its record year, 2011, when the production line of the Lanbaden polygon left 353,353 vehicles, all they models of the Polo. For the time being, for the current year, the forecast is to produce 250,000 units, which will be 15.7% less than a year ago, but it is a misleading figure, because production has been slowed by the adjustments that have been made. had to perform to start the assembly of the new generation of Polo, which opens its sixth generation.

The production capacity of the plant in Navarra is 350,000 vehicles per year, which is expected to be reached in 2019, the date on which Landaben will manufacture, for the first time in its history (started in 1965), two different models at the same time : the Polo and the SUV version of this vehicle, which will be called T-CRoss. This second vehicle will begin to be produced at the end of 2018 and will be accompanied by an increase of 10% (about 400 people) of the workforce, which is now composed of more than 4,800 workers. To make all this possible, the German manufacturer is making an investment of 1,000 million euros in the Landaben factory in the period between 2015 and 2019, they recalled.

From the sixth generation of the Polo are manufactured, since July 17, 1,408 units a day, one every 56 seconds. Until that second model arrives, Landaben has only left Polo units of the previous generations (from II to VI).

Previously (until 1975), the plant produced vehicles of the English brands MG or Morris and then, in a second phase (from 1875 to 1983) of the Spanish Seat (the 124 or the Panda and some model of the Italian brand Lancia .

Since 1984 the Navarra installation has specialized in the Polo, which has made it an international reference center for this model.

In 2016, 91.5% of manufactured models were exported to more than 50 countries, a percentage that is expected to be maintained this year, Grijalba pointed out. Landaben since 1965 has produced 8 million units (7.5 million Pole), contributes 17% of the GDP of the Navarre community.

The Volkswagen factory in Navarra

17% of GDP

Volkswagen accounts for 17% of GDP for Navarra’s regional community.

4,800 jobs

4,800 people work at the Landaben factory.

1,000 million

It plans to invest 1,000 million euros in Navarra from 2015 to 2019.

1,408 cars / day

At this time, 1,408 cars / day are coming out of the production line.

M. TRIGUEROS – @abc_motor – PAMPLONA – 11/16/2017

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