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The sales of the industry grew in June 4.3% and orders 2.4%

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The Spanish industry in June invoiced 4.3% more than in the same month of 2017, while the order intake increased 2.4%, according to data published today by the National Institute of Statistics (INE).

Corrected the seasonal and calendar effects (difference of working days), the turnover of the industry increased 7.3% and the entry of orders did it 5.2%.

With these corrected seasonal effects, the monthly variation, from June to May this year, was an increase of 0.6% in turnover and a decrease of 1.7% in the entry of orders.

The increase of 0.6% in the average turnover of the Spanish industry in June was achieved thanks to the increases in intermediate goods (1.5%) and capital goods (0.8%), while the goods Consumer durables advanced below the average (0.1%), while the figure for non-durable consumer goods, 0.1%, and for energy, fell 1.4%.

The biggest increases by branch of activity in June were in the extraction of anthracite, coal and lignite (5.7%), other extractive industries (4.5%) and manufacture of other transport material (3.3%), while the greatest decreases were recorded in the repair and installation of machinery and equipment, of 2.2%; the tobacco industry, 1.8%; and that of leather and footwear, of 1.7%.

In annual rate the greatest increase was for energy (38.8% in corrected rate and 38% in the original), followed by intermediate goods (9.8% and 6.3%), capital goods (4 , 5% and 1.2%) and consumer goods, which rose 0.8% with the correction, but fell 2.2% in the raw series.

By markets, the 4.3% increase in June sales at the uncorrected annual rate was achieved by the 7.5% rise in sales in the euro area, while the Spanish domestic market grew by 3.7% and the foreign market, outside the euro zone, had an increase of 0.8%.

Navarra had the highest growth, of 12.5%, followed by Galicia (8.4%), Murcia (8.1%), Basque Country (7.2%), Andalusia (7%), Cantabria (5.9%). %), Asturias (5%) and Catalonia (4.9%).

They grew below the state average of 4.3%: Castilla y León (4.2%), Madrid (1.1%) and Castilla-La Mancha (0.4%), while the Comunitat Valenciana had zero rate and sales decreased Extremadura industries, 0.1%; Aragonese, 1%; Canary Islands, 2.1%; Rioja, 4.5%; and Balearic Islands, 7.9%.

Regarding the entry of orders, the monthly decrease from June to May in corrected rate of 1.7% on average was marked by the fall in requests for capital goods, which was 10.1% lower than a month before .

On the other hand, energy fell by 0.5% and consumer goods – both durable and non-durable – increased by 0.2% and intermediate goods by 0.7%.

In this monthly rate, the largest sectoral increases in orders were in tobacco (19.4%) and pharmaceutical manufacturing (7%).

The manufacture of other transport material was the area with the greatest decrease, of 64.3%, and the manufacture of computer, electronic and optical products, 5.3%.

In annual rate, uncorrected, the highest increase in orders in June was recorded by Asturias, of 14%, followed by Navarra (12.9%), Cantabria (10.6%), Castilla-La Mancha (6.6%) ), Murcia (5.6%), Galicia and Castilla y León (5.5%), Aragón (5.3%) and the Comunitat Valenciana (2.8%).

Below the state average of 2.4% increase were Andalusia (2.2%), Extremadura (1.7%) and País Vasco (0.4%).

Orders fell in Catalonia, 0.6%; La Rioja, 0.7%; Canary Islands, 3.6%; Madrid, 4%; and the Balearic Islands, 10.5%.

EL DIARIO – EFE 08/13/2018 (Translation Soft)

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