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The port of Valencia will compete with that of Vigo for the cars of Opel-PSA

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The Galician precinct initiates the maritime transport of the Citroën C3 in spite of the distance of 850 Km

The port of Valencia will compete with that of Vigo for the cars of Opel-PSA

The Port of València, in addition to Tarragona and Barcelona, ​​among others, will also have to compete with Vigo to attract more vehicles manufactured at the Opel-PSA plant in Figueruelas (Zaragoza). The Galician precinct has just begun exporting the Citroën C3 Aircross model produced at the aforementioned car factory despite the 850 km distance between the two points. From there he wants to channel his exports to South American countries.

grafico españa opelThe port of Vigo is home to Citroën’s main car boarding terminals in Spain given the company’s proximity to the Galician site, which will take advantage of its sea routes with Mexico (Höegh Autoliners), Brazil (Grimaldi) and Chile (CSAV). make shipments of the C3 Aircross.

The transport of vehicles between Figueruelas and the vigueses docks is done by trucks because there are no direct rail connections, a circumstance that can make this logistics operation less competitive. The beginning of the shipments of the new model of Citroën of Figueruelas through the port of Vigo starts with few units, since they do not exceed 300 units.

Corridor Zaragoza-València

The Port Authority of València (APV) – in open competition with the Tarragona and Barcelona venues – considers the development of the Cantabrian-Mediterranean Corridor, of which the València-Teruel-Zaragoza railway line is part, to obtain more goods from the plant of Opel-PSA. Specifically, the APV has already signed an agreement with Adif to allocate 13.6 million euros to improve, expand and build 6 sidewalks with capacity to handle trains up to 750 meters in length. The bidding of these works – which can be done jointly or jointly – is scheduled to take place over the next year; so that the works are completed by the end of 2018 or early 2019. The APV plans to allocate another 40 million euros for improvement actions in this railway line and are still pending.

The port of València, after two years of paralysis, received in early October the first train loaded with cars from the Zaragoza plant in Figueruelas. The 550-meter-long convoy, operated by Gefco, moved about 200 Citroën C3 Aircross vehicles for export, especially Eastern European countries and Turkey.

The decision of the plant in Figueruelas to reuse this rail route has allowed the Port of Valencia to diversify the car models it receives by train. Specifically, after the purchase of Opel by the PSA group, “Valenciaport will substantially increase the presence of the Citroën brand in the venue,” according to APV sources.

The ports of València and Sagunt consolidate themselves as the main logistics nodes of Spain for the traffic of cars and already they have 1.000.000 of square meters to the service of the automobile industry, of which 412,000 meters are located in Valencia and 560,000 m2 in the enclosure of the port of Sagunt.

In the last two years, Valenciaport has climbed to become the eighth European port in vehicle traffic. Specifically, in 2016, Valenciaport channeled 774,708 units, an increase of 12.37% over the previous year.

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