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The next Porsche Boxster Spyder will mount the 911 GT3 engine

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New “muscle-building” plan for the youngest of the range. You can reach 500 CV as the other models of the German manufacturer.

The most special units of Porsche are still resisting to enter to the rag of a market in which the turbo engines have devastated with any crack of the past. That’s why the 911 R or 911 GT3 Touring Package assemble atmospheric engines and for that reason the next Boxster Spyder and in all safety its soul mate, the Cayman GT4, will be equipped with the boxer engine of 4 liters (500 HP) that moves to the most recent 911 GT3.

The information still has to be picked up with clamps because these models are in the development phase and there is no launch date, but Porsche not only does not deny it but assumes that both the Boxster and the Cayman are prepared to accommodate any of the engines of the 911. Moreover, when it comes to such special versions they always put all the meat in the spit.

EXPANSION-BY JAVIER ARENAS – 11/21/2017 (Translation Soft)

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