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The new Lancia Stratos finally goes into production

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It will not be Lancia nor will it be based on the Ferrari F430 as the ‘proto’ of 2010. It is known that it will mount a mechanics of 550 horses

Manifattura Automobili Torino (MAT) has obtained the permission of the German millionaire Michael Stoschek to produce the 21st century version of the mythical Lancia Stratos, which will not be Lancia nor will it be based on the Ferrari F430, as the prototype that was presented in 2010. Despite that Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, at that time president of Ferrari, was delighted with Stoschek’s assignment to Pininfarina (the Stratos of the 70s was Bertone’s), the truth is that he did not receive the blessing of Maranello to resuscitate Stratos using the F430 as a donor.

Eight years after the announcement of the resurrection of one of the most emblematic models in the history of motorsport, it will finally come true. At the moment there is little data on its technical base, we hardly know that it will mount a 550 horsepower mechanic, which will practically be a carbon copy of the 2010 prototype, with a lightweight chassis and a length of just over four meters. The roll cage and the space to house a helmet on the doors will also be maintained.

The new Stratos will have three versions: street supercar, GT Racing and Safari, the latter with rally specifications. Paolo Garella, the head and founder of MAT, the company that is going to build it, knows this model well because it was the who led the New Stratos project when he worked at Pininfarina. We have to wait for the Geneva Motor Show (March 6 to 18) to know all the information about this expected return, of which we know that 25 exclusive units will be produced and whose first deliveries will take place over the next month of April.

BY JAVIER ARENAS – @ javier__arenas – EXPANSION – 02/13/2018 (Translation Soft)

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