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The Jaguar steering wheel that anticipates the future

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The brand imagines that in a future full of autonomous cars will continue to enjoy driving
In a future dominated by autonomous driving, it will be necessary to bet on emotional design elements to seduce customers, such as this Jaguar steering wheel (JLR)

To calibrate with certain accuracy the intentions that have driven the development of the Jaguar Future-Type, we should make the mental effort to try to move to the universal scenario that will prevail in the year 2040. That is, precisely, the time horizon imposed by the leaders from the prestigious British brand to the design team when they made the commission to give life to such a futuristic “concept car”. Therefore, if we pretend to understand something of its unusual nature, it will also be necessary to let the imagination fly towards tomorrow.

From the outset, the most striking aspect of the brand new car created by the signature of the feline resides in its avant-garde independent rectangular steering wheel, which acquires a form of sculptural inspiration. The intention is that its design and materials allow it to exercise as a work of art, with the pretension of presiding over the dining room of the home when it is not used.

Jaguar Future-TypeJaguar Future-Type (Factory 35 / JLR)

Given his aspirations, it is not surprising, then, that he has even decided to baptize him with the proper name of “Sayer”. Endowed with an advanced system for recognizing voice commands, this flyer encourages dialogue with its owner in order to satisfy multiple needs of use that will facilitate their daily work.

Through this true piece of futuristic goldsmithing, the owner can perform multiple tasks. From the comfort of your home, you can claim the service of an autonomous car, replicate your musical preferences, request a table in a restaurant, or even execute the weekly grocery purchase order to regenerate the interior of your refrigerator.

The interior of the Jaguar Future-Type has an original asymmetrical configuration that allows the transport of three people (JLR)

Through a project worthy of science fiction cinema, Jaguar aims to demonstrate that even in a future dominated by the autonomous car will continue to be important certain differential aspects. And although it is also a vehicle designed to circulate on its own, it would allow to enjoy manual driving when driving on roads free of traffic. The only thing that should be done would be to put the smart steering wheel in connection to change the management mode.

Ian Callum, Design Director of Jaguar, commented in the presentation of the vehicle that “the Future-Type is part of our vision of where the luxury four-wheel sector should evolve to remain desirable, from the point of view of very demanding people, taking into account that we are heading towards a future dominated by digital technology. As apt to pick up the children of the family in front of the school door in an autonomous way as to enjoy the driving along a winding road, is a tool designed to be at the service of the customer permanently.

In the future, the user will be able to satisfy multiple everyday needs from home with voice commands (JLR)






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