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The Citröen C3 Aircross adds more than 20,000 orders in a month

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This vehicle, which is manufactured in the Zaragoza plant of Figueruelas, has registered more than 20,000 orders after reaching the market last October.

The Citröen C3 Aircross has accumulated more than 20,000 orders in Europe, of which 1,400 correspond to Spain. The company has valued this data positively, since it is a vehicle that is still in the launch phase in a good part of the key markets.

In addition, this vehicle has just received five stars in the Euro NCAP test, standing out for its level of safety in accordance with this protocol which endorses the qualities of this compact SUV.

Eva Sereno (Zaragoza) – THE CONFIDENTIAL – 11/13/2017 (Translation soft)

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