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The BMW twin-cylinder boxer engine for a lot. Around the boxer lies the greatest success of the German brand, the GS, the trail par excellence. And at the time it even gave, for a custom, nothing less. But this icon of the brand has also served as the basis to launch the Nine T range, modern classics in the style of ‘café racer’, a type of motorcycle that gradually wins followers and has ended up being incorporated into the catalog of most of the manufacturers, who want to offer users motorcycles on which the personality of the users, because they are an excellent starting base for, dressed with a wide range of accessories, get the bike that anyone would have dreamed of having.

Set to develop this concept, which BMW has framed within its range Heritage -in English, heritage-, what better platform for it than the legendary boxer engine, and around it has built the R Nine T, whose base model we try today, with its new decoration Metallic Blue Planet, one of the three available. In addition to this, the range has four more versions: Urban, Pure, Racer and Scrambler.

The attractiveness of this motorcycle is undoubted. With the Nine T, as with any ‘coffee racer’, the sensations are above the benefits. It is not about technology – which has it – but about sensations. If what you are looking for are pure benefits, this is not your motorcycle. The Nine T is a concept that seeks to identify with the user. Put to run, responds as the most, with a good 110 HP of power and a strong punch, with character. But it does not consist in this. It consists of returning to enjoy riding on a motorcycle, at the pace you consider, because quickly or more calmly, the Nine T responds at all times.

No need to start walking to perceive the personality of this bike. Just start it, start it and let the engine, whose roar is terribly attractive. The new Akrapovic exhaust with double silencer is a wonder. Once over, if you have not had the opportunity to drive a BMW boxer before, you have to get used to it. But if this engine is an old acquaintance, nothing surprises you. Accustomed to the finesse in the response of any modern motorcycle, the Nine T is a motorcycle that vibrates forcefully on its kickstand, a vibration that is transmitted throughout the body of its driver accelerating empty, before engaging the first . Once underway, it vibrates, but within the expected.

You have to get used to the response of the cardan to avoid the classic whiplash at each change of gear, but once the movements are automated, synchronizing the gas cut, the clutch and the lever, the gear changes are harmonious.

Excellent braking
There is no doubt that it is a motorcycle with which you have to work, it is rougher, but those 110 HP push with determination and desire, and allows you to roll quickly in a reasonably comfortable, because you have to remember that it lacks any type of fairing or aerodynamic protection. It does not need it: any addition in this terrain would make it look worse. If you want fairing you will have to opt for the Racer version.

And if, despite everything, the response of the engine still seems abrupt, it has a detachable ASC traction control that softens the power delivery. It also has the mandatory ABS system in the braking equipment, developed by BMW, which is also disconnectable. Its 320 mm front discs offer excellent braking power.

One of the improvements that the Nine T received in 2017 were the suspensions. It has a new inverted fork that allows adjustments, leaving behind the non-adjustable version of before. Ahead the improvement is noted, also thanks to a modified geometry with respect to the previous version. Behind maintains the system Paralever with monoshock and monobrazo, adjustable, on which it is convenient to work a little, because the tarado of series appears excessively hard. If you are traveling constantly on the highway, it responds wonderfully, but on rougher asphalt, it bounces sharply. It absorbs well the impact and does not affect the behavior of the motorcycle, but from the point of view of comfort a less rough suspension would be appreciated.

Comfortable driving position
This does not mean that it is an uncomfortable motorcycle. On the contrary: its flat and wide handlebar helps handle the 220 kilos of the set, and if you want to roll quickly enough to flatten on the tank, in a position where you can stand well the passage of kilometers. To be completely devoid of fairing, the Nine T is not a motorcycle that punishes its driver a lot.

The seat is spacious and comfortable, and the details such as the heated grips mean that, despite the harsh winter, the bike does not get lazy. The Nine T is not a motorcycle to look only in summer, you can shoot 365 days a year. With 18 liters of tank you can enjoy a range of around 250 kilometers, a distance more than enough to unleash this motorcycle and enjoy the classic style with the most advanced technology.

The Confidential -Juan Pedro de la Torre – 22.01.2018 (Translation Soft)


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