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SOFTWARE DELSOL “Success Case: JG Automotive”

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JG Automotive is seen as a success case by Software DELSOL in its bulletin No. 50.

We appreciate the article to DELSOL and we leave the link to it:

Success Case: JG Automotive

Our space, “Success case”, is today for JG Automotive. Created in 1982, it is an example of quality and good service in the development and supply of metallic and mechanical components for the industrial and automotive sector.

In 2002, joining 18 international partners, they created the Global Alliance, a group that has 230 engineers in cooperation, manufacturers located in Germany, Brazil, India, Italy, China, Korea, the United States and Japan. Reaching a joint billing of around 1720 million euros.

This company continues in frank expansion thanks to the trust of its customers, dozens of companies belonging to sectors such as: the automotive, energy, rail, agricultural, among others.

Their products are presented with their corresponding quality certificates and among them we find: machining, casting, forging, stamping, microforming, raw material, microfusion, high pressure bottles, special parts, precision palletizing, plastics with inserts and profiles, tubes, rods, springs.

We are facing a clear reference in the development of metal component supplies due to several main keys: its exceptional team of engineers, its extensive experience in the sector, the quality in the manufacturing processes and its integral logistics service.

Experience, innovation, technology and high competitiveness in product under plan are the virtues that adorn this company. An impressive past and a promising future come together in the acronym of this brand. Therefore, at Software DELSOL, we are extremely proud that they have chosen our programs to accompany them on their inexorable path to success.

We finish this article by inviting you to visit its website, www.jgautomotive.com and know more about JG Automotive.

Software DELSOL (Boletín 50) 18-07-2019 (Translation Soft)

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