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Seat adheres to the CEOE to “join forces”

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The president of the brand, Luca de Meo, points out that the agreement allows obtaining synergies

Seat has joined the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE) today with the aim of participating directly in the activities of the employers and enhancing their interaction with other Spanish companies. The incorporation of Seat to the CEOE will allow both organizations “to share resources and join forces in their different areas of action, to continue promoting and optimizing the activities of both organizations”, as explained by the manufacturer.

The company will collaborate and participate “actively” in the consultative bodies of the CEOE, as well as in trips of international delegations, among other initiatives. Likewise, thanks to the CEOE network, Seat will be able to access other European, Ibero-American and worldwide business organizations, and will participate in meetings with associated companies to enhance the relationship and explore business possibilities among them.


The chairman of Seat, Luca de Meo, said that with this addition they hope “to work together to obtain synergies for both parties, as a result of the multiple projects that can be carried out from within a reference organization such as Ceoe” . The president of the employer’s association, Juan Rosell, has considered this agreement “a great satisfaction” for the CEOE, which will “benefit” both institutions.

Monday – 20/11/2017 – THE NEWSPAPER (Translation Soft)

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