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Rezvani Tank: the absolute SUV (with night vision camera)

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Of clear military inspiration, it has 500 CV, costs about 150,000 euros and offers extras like bulletproof armor.

Ready for anything your owner wants.

Rezvani’s name was associated with the world of supercars since the small manufacturer showed the spectacular Beast, an impressive two-seater with up to 700 hp power, but the American brand had not yet shown its great and true asphalt machine. It has the honor of being the Rezvani Tank, a military-inspired SUV created for civilian use.

The company itself defines it as “a UV (Utilitary Vehicle) built to face any challenge both on-road and off-road,” and it is clear that it is. Its aesthetic is most striking thanks to its defined musculature, the small size of the glazed surfaces and the matt tone of the body. It combines in a balanced way a rough look with pretty modern details, such as the design of the front or the fact that the rear doors are suicidal opening.

rezvani tank

The cabin is quite more conventional, with an interior configuration of five seats, leather upholstery, an infotainment system with a small screen on the dashboard and air conditioning. A small enough, but that can be extended with equipment packages. Rezvani has not revealed what other elements of comfort may be added, but he has detailed some of the extras available to further enhance the capacity of the Tank: off-road tires, suspension suspensions, auxiliary lights for night out, cameras with night vision to see in the dark and even various types of armor.

Boasting the whole, under the hood of the Rezvani Tank is a 6.4-liter V8 engine that delivers 500 hp of power and ensures that the tank is buoyant at all times. The base price of the model, without any extra associated, is about 150,000 euros.

THE MOTOR · 10/04/2017 (Translation Soft)

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