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Range Rover SV Coupé: a ‘rarity’ of 333.1000 euros for 999 lucky

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A version designed by the Special Vehicle Operations department, with the same configuration as the ‘original’ model that came onto the market in the 1970s.

The Special Vehicle Operations division of Land Rover has been responsible for developing the SV Coupé version of the Land Rover, a model of which only 999 units will be manufactured worldwide and for which in our country has already been priced of 333,100 euros. All exterior panels are new except for the lower area of ​​the tailgate and the bonnet, although the latter has finishes made by Birmingham Quarter jewelry.

The bumpers are specific, the grill has been finished with a specific mesh, the lateral exits have a Nobel Chrome finish and the LED headlights have 144 lamps and four laser diodes, with which they can illuminate up to 500 meters if they do not detect other lights. front.

To give it a more exclusive air, the rims can be 21, 22 or 23 inches and it offers the possibility to choose between 100 different exterior colors, including a Liquesence finish that offers a metallic and liquid aspect. In fact, personalization It is one of the great values ​​of the SV Coupé.

Its creators announce that the Special Vehicle Operations team will offer innumerable finishes, interiors in two different skin tones and embossed or embroidered to the taste in headrests, doors and handrails, in addition to finishes in semi precious materials. What does not seem that it is going to change is that it only has four seats, the forwards with 20 regulation positions and the rear ones with 10.

Novelty is also a ‘Nautica’ finish that melts the walnut with the sycamore in a single piece of wood. This new element can be ordered for the steering wheel, the door panels, the center console, the instrument panel and the floor of the trunk. The engine chosen for the SV Coupé is the most powerful that the Range Rover range has in its portfolio: a V8 5.0 Supercharged petrol with 565 HP and 700 Nm of torque associated with an automatic eight-speed gearbox ZF with paddles on the steering wheel.

The result in terms of performance is overflowing for a car so bulky, as it reaches 266 km / h top speed and goes from 0 to 100 in just 5.3 seconds. Although it has permanent all-wheel drive, gearbox, active rear differential and Terrain Response 2 system with Gravel / Grass, Mud / Rocks and Sand / Stones modes, it is most usual for its owners to drive it especially in the Dynamic, Eco or Comfort modes .

In any case, their suspensions are prepared for almost any contingency and include positions Access height (50 mm lower to enter and exit), Off Road 1 (up 40 mm and works up to 80 km / h), Off Road 2 (is elevates 75 mm and is activated up to 50 km / h) and two additional heights that add up to 30 or 40 mm if an obstacle is detected. Another thing is that the lucky owners of one of the 999 units want to take advantage of their qualities in radical riding , which we doubt.

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