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PSA will manufacture three new vehicles at its Vigo and Mangualde plants

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It will use a new platform for the models, of the “ludospace” segment, and for its Peugeot, Citroën and Opel brands
The PSA Group has announced three new models of the segment of the ludospace (a versatile tourism-van for work, family and leisure) in Europe, which will be manufactured at its plants in Vigo (Spain) and Mangualde (Portugal).

The exterior design of these new ludospace is characterized by a silhouette of balanced and dynamic proportions thanks to a high and short hood that brings modernity, compactness, robustness and safety by integrating at all times the design codes of each of the brands.

Developed on the basis of the EMP2 platform, these new models will receive motor-propulsion groups and state-of-the-art driving assistance equipment. This new generation of vehicles will offer customers an interior space with a livability, modularity and a trunk volume above the segment average. To respond to all the needs of use of the ludospace clients, they will be available in two different lengths and both in versions of 5 and 7 places.

Each vehicle is also distinguished by an interior design in keeping with the conceptual language of each of the brands.

Each brand will present their respective models in the coming weeks. A new, previously unseen platform has been developed for these vehicles in order to strengthen their position as benchmarks in the ludospace segment in terms of efficiency, manageability, comfort and safety.

The models of the four brands will be manufactured in the Vigo (Spain) and Mangualde (Portugal) plants. To respond to the commercial ambitions of this new offer, a fourth shift in Vigo and a third shift in Mangualde will be launched in the coming months. These two factories of the Iberian Industrial Pole, with the best performance level of Groupe PSA, have undergone deep transformations to accommodate these new models.

Automatic storage in the press lines, geometric quality control by artificial vision, collaborating robots (cobots) and Full Kitting system with AGV distribution (self-guided vehicles) make up the industrial innovations that will make both plants enter the era of the “Factory 4.0 “.

These tourism versions will later decline in industrial versions in the coming months.

ABC.es – @ABC_motor – MADRID – 02/13/2018 (Translation Soft)

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