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Portfolio Tag: technical springs

Tension springs Tension springs are helical springs that counteract an axial force directed at the extension of the spring. The ends of the tension spring body are equipped with loops, hooks or the like in order to transmit power. SCHERDEL pursue the most economical solution for the corresponding application case up until series-production readiness and production
Plastic-metal combinations Many opportunities open up for product design with the manufacture of hybrid components made from a combination of metal and plastic. The good strength properties of metal parts and the free configurability of plastic offer functional and cost-effective solutions in terms of lightweight design, noise avoidance, functional integration, improved comfort, but also visual
Welding assemblies In the field of welding components, SCHERDEL provides joining of wire, strip and tube material via MAG welding, WP welding or soldering. The resulting multi-dimensional structures therefore receive a function specific to the customer as well as their strength. By using tube materials, an improved rigidity can be achieved (in addition to increased stability)
Assembly groups Spring assemblies, mechanisms and other complex assembly groups belong to the sheeting assembly components produced by SCHERDEL. SCHERDEL expertise is used here via assemblies, which continue to exhaust the functionality of technical springs, e.g. in order to manufacture connections with low play and noise or to achieve linking and structurally supporting properties. ASSEMBLY
Wire and tube bending components The SCHERDEL Bending components made of wire and tube materials are manufactured in nearly every multi-dimensional form according to the customer’s specifications and drawings. In addition to stabilization and mounting, different elastic features are also created through the use of spring steel wires. Various surface finishes are possible upon request. METAL
Valve springs The SCHERDEL Valve springs are highly stressed components and are therefore premium products, which are specially designed to the customer's requirements. Optimal development includes the individual kinematic consideration of the valve train, the static design of the spring while considering the wire profile, material, spring shape, etc., as well as the dynamic projection or
Wave springs Wave springs SCHERDEL are wound or stamped spring-loaded parts, which are usually manufactured from flat material (or also from round material). For static to medium dynamic use, the wave spring is a space-saving miracle with reductions in installation height of up to 50%. Due to the special geometry and function of wave springs, there
Torsion bars Torsion bars are tube bending parts, which are usually manufactured from round or profiled cross-sections. Torsion bars transfer torsional moments through specially bent spring ends. JG pursue the most economical solution for the corresponding application case up until series-production readiness and production on central wheeled machines. METAL FORMING Hose Clamps- Stamping and bending parts
Spiral springs Scherdel  displays extensive expertise as a market leader due to its many years of experience, particularly in the field of spiral springs for camshaft adjusters. In the example of the spiral spring for camshaft adjusters, SCHERDEL accompanied the product development from basic research to marketability. SPRINGS Compression - Disc - Tension - Constant force and power
Stamping and bending parts The SCHERDEL Group  implements one of its most variable products, stamping and bending parts made from strip material, from design and prototyping to tool construction and manufacturing. We develop according to the customer's drawings or specifications and undertake the entire project management through a central contact partner. We pursue the most economical solution for
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