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Hot Former JG Automotive is the Bifrangi Group Spanish office founded by Mr. Francesco Biasion, formed by Bifrangi SPA, Bifrangi UK, Bifrangi GMBH and Boltex INC. The Bifrangi Group is a leading global supplier and manufacturer of Hot Former, being able to forge 1 piece/sec from 200 grams up to 20 kg, mainly flanges and Wheel hubs.
32000 Ton Closed Die Press JG Automotive is the office in Spain of Bifrangi Group: founded by Mr. Francesco Biasion, formed by  Bifrangi SPA, Bifrangi UK, Bifrangi GMBH and Boltex INC. Bifrangi Group has the biggest forging press in the world, unique in its type, that allows closed die forging up to 1000-kilogram and 3-meter pieces. This means forging
Microforging Microforging is a Japanese technology that allows saving more than 30% on traditional lathes as the piece conforms to the final conditions. Applicable to smaller than 10 grams pieces. Especially suitable for bolts, rivets, axes, clockworks, electronics, … We are suppliers and managers in manufacturing technology with microforging. FORGING TECHNOLOGIES Hot Former- Press 32000
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