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Upsetter forging Through this forging process we can lower manufacturing prices by forging only part of the piece. Unlike previous forging methods that are made by hot processes, this also can be done by cold forging. It consists on accumulating material in a specific and limited area of a piece (usually in bar form). Therefore,
Split Forging We are suppliers and manufacturers of connecting rods forged with Split Forging technology. Split Forging improves mechanical characteristics of the connecting rods as well as reinforcing the tightening torque of the screws between the head and connecting rod body. This technology (Split Forging) reduces the total production time of the connecting rods because
Multi directional forging Multi directional Forging is a technology is quite unique as it consists of a forging process that allows two-way stamping, obtaining complex parts and reducing production times and costs. FORGING TECHNOLOGIES Hot Former- Press 32000 Ton.- Press 16000 Ton. - Counterblow hammer 140.000 Lb. - Ring Rolling - Upsetter forging - Split Forging - Cold forging - Extrusion - Microforging
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