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Microforging Microforging is a Japanese technology that allows saving more than 30% on traditional lathes as the piece conforms to the final conditions. Applicable to smaller than 10 grams pieces. Especially suitable for bolts, rivets, axes, clockworks, electronics, … We are suppliers and managers in manufacturing technology with microforging. FORGING TECHNOLOGIES Hot Former- Press 32000
Extrusion Extrusion forging is an ideal technology to save material and be able to obtain hollow forms not feasible by other forging processes. JG Automotive is a supplier and manufacturer of direct extrusion or reverse extrusion or also indirect, as adapted to the part. Extrusion is a process used to create objects with defined and
Forging non-ferrous We forge other non-ferrous materials like aluminum or brass, saving raw material and increasing mechanical properties according to the needs of our customers. Aluminum forging Forged aluminum parts have much higher mechanical properties than injected aluminum parts, a higher fatigue strength, with the consequent maintenance of mechanical properties over time, under very demanding
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