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PRECISION GEARS MANUFACTURED WITH COLD FORGING JG Automotive is the commercial office of O-OKA in Spain, world leader in cold forging precision, specialists in the manufacture of gears of high level of design and complexity for the automotive sector. Innovating in the concept of technology and improving the conventional machining process, we introduce the forging
Sun and Planet Gear O-OKA Developed Small-module and multi-gear product for sun/pinion gear for AT planetary unit according to customer's request. In additional to our helicoidal teeth forming technology, we are able to supply the finished parts with teeth finishing. Internal gear Precision forged internal gear, which is developed for a reduction unit, has smoother
Clutch gear Forged clutch teeth formed by precision forging technology is reliable and has high strength. After 100,000 Km test drive no damages were found.   Monoblock gear Clutch gear and main speed gear body are integrated into one piece and that enables customer to reduce their production process.  More than 10 million piece per year
Sprocket Forged sprocket has higher resistance against oil sludge, compared to conventional sintered design, and enables downsizing and higher strength at the same time. Shaft By the integration of several parts into one piece, O-oka enable to create shape such as internal teeth bottom face, asymmetric tooth thickness and omitted teeth, which are difficult for
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