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Portfolio Tag: automotive Assembly groups

Plastic-metal combinations Many opportunities open up for product design with the manufacture of hybrid components made from a combination of metal and plastic. The good strength properties of metal parts and the free configurability of plastic offer functional and cost-effective solutions in terms of lightweight design, noise avoidance, functional integration, improved comfort, but also visual
Welding assemblies In the field of welding components, SCHERDEL provides joining of wire, strip and tube material via MAG welding, WP welding or soldering. The resulting multi-dimensional structures therefore receive a function specific to the customer as well as their strength. By using tube materials, an improved rigidity can be achieved (in addition to increased stability)
Assembly groups Spring assemblies, mechanisms and other complex assembly groups belong to the sheeting assembly components produced by SCHERDEL. SCHERDEL expertise is used here via assemblies, which continue to exhaust the functionality of technical springs, e.g. in order to manufacture connections with low play and noise or to achieve linking and structurally supporting properties. ASSEMBLY
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