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JG is a suppliers and managers in the manufacture of components, parts and pieces in Zamak injection molding.

Zamak is a non-ferrous and versatile material as it is a zinc alloy with aluminum, magnesium and copper. Its composition gives it excellent properties for the manufacture of mold injection parts in large quantities, with high precision and reproducibility of details, regardless of the machining process and reducing costs.

The advantages are mainly saving time, costs and better finishings of the pieces:

– Zamak needs less energy consumption for its transformation, as it melts at 380-385 º C.
– The pieces have hardness, high tensile strength, density 6.6 g / cm3.
– Can be injected by a cold or hot chamber, injected by centrifugation or melted in a molded sand.
– The injection of Zamak under pressure allows to manufacture pieces in large volumes with a high precision.
– The manufacture of parts by injection of Zamak allows to easily reproduce all details of the parts without the machining process and reducing costs.
– Faster injection cycles.
– Savings of machining.
– The pieces manufactured in Zamak allow better finishes and surface treatments (paintings, chromium, gold, matt aluminum, zinc, etc.)


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