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Steel Machining

Steel Machining

Due to the different possible combinations of Steel (today more than 5 millions); it is possible the use of several alloys to apply for a wide range of functions. It depends on the required properties: mechanical resistance, ductility, surface hardness, termal conductivity, resilience and resistance to corrosion and waste.

Some of the advantages with the massive use of Steel in the industry are as follows:

  • Versatility: It is easy to drill, weld, machine and formed in cold and hot condition.
  • Economy: Its production is cheaper in comparison with other materials and it requires less energy consumption. For example, it is almost seven times less than aluminium.
  • Reciclability: It is possible to recover 100% ; due to its magnetic properties. Moreover all the residues produced in the manufacture of steel, are used: scraps, distilled products… Finally it is reduced the environment impact.
  • Availibility: It is huge the availibility, because the iron (the base in the steel manufacturing) represents 5,6% of land Surface and mines are located all around the world.
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