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High-Pressure Cylinders


JG Automotive is a manager in the manufacture and supply of high pressure cylinders without hydrogen welding.

We manufacture high pressure Hydrogen cylinders to provide solutions to hydrogen filling stations. Read more

JG Automotive is the Commercial and Technical Headquarters in Spain and Portugal of EUROCYLINDER SYSTEMS AG Apolda (Germany), producing high pressure cilynders without the following particulars:

Range of external diameter in millimeters: 83 to 267
Capacity range in L: 0.74 to 80.0
Pressure test in bar: 250 to 450 – 60 for acetylene

High pressure steel bottles are used for the storage and transportation of compressed, liquefied and dissolved gas.

Our bottles are made with convex or concave bases. According to customer request, bottles may be required with foot, collar, valve and valve protection. It is also possible to deliver the full bottles.

We have stock of bottles in Spain with capacity for valve assembly, repainting and certified revalidation.


High pressure steel cylinders manufactured at our company are subject to strong security regulations and quality checks that are paid our highest attention. In December 1993 a quality assurance system was introduced, and since then it has been applied producing the proof that the demands of DIN ISO 9001:2008 are met.


In accordance with the respective field of operation our products are conform to the relevant current international regulations and standards.

For instance, in relation to steel cylinders for the transportation of gases the regulations ADR, RID, RL 2010 / 35 / EU,
To stationary high pressure vessels the regulation RL 1997 / 23 / EC or the AD instruction leaflet are relevant. To high pressure cylinders for the storage of natural gas in motor vehicles we apply the standards ISO 11439 or R 110.

Approvals for other countries which are no members of EC, such as Russia, India, Australia, New Zealand and others, can be applied for after inquiry.

We manufacture gas cylinders and high pressure vessels for special applications, e.g. pressure storages, in a water capacity range from 0.74 l to 80 l.

UROCYLINDER SYSTEMS AG is a supplier certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

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