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Forging non-ferrous

Forging non-ferrous

We forge other non-ferrous materials like aluminum or brass, saving raw material and increasing mechanical properties according to the needs of our customers.

Aluminum forging

Forged aluminum parts have much higher mechanical properties than injected aluminum parts, a higher fatigue strength, with the consequent maintenance of mechanical properties over time, under very demanding conditions.

In addition, on the pieces obtained by the Forging process, we can make a series of surface finishes impossible to perform with the parts obtained by Injection, as in the case of ceramic coatings.

With respect to weight, a piece forged in aluminum has a weight three times inferior to that of a piece of steel

Brass Forging

The Brass forging or hot stamping consists of deforming a piece of brass rod previously exposed to temperature under pressure of two matrices that give shape.

The metallurgical parameters to be taken into account in the stamping are the composition of the brass and the temperature.

Depending on the composition of the brass, it acquires certain properties, and influences the mechanical characteristics, plasticity, fusibility and conformability.

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