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Aluminum casting

Aluminum casting

JG is a supplier and manager in the manufacture of aluminium casting parts and components.

JG is a supplier and manager in the manufacture of pieces, components and parts in  aluminum casting. The production processes that we can offer include high pressure injection, low pressure injection and gravity molding.

In generic terms, aluminum casting is the process of filling a mold with the amount of molten metal required according to requirements, in order to extract, once the liquid has solidified, a piece with the size and shape of the mold used. . Depending on the technique used and the type of mold used (metallic, sand, shell moulding) different advantages of pourability, surface finish, porosity or geometry will be obtained, always existing an optimal combination for the number of parts to be manufactured and the technical specifications to be met. satisfy.

Thanks to the cast aluminum we can manufacture pieces of geometric complexity and with the most adjusted measures to demand in production.

Casting aluminum guarantees a considerable reduction in costs and time, since its production method means that we do not lose material.

Advantages of cast aluminum:

  • Parts manufactured using this technology withstand high operating temperatures
  • Exceptional corrosion resistance
  • Three times lighter than steel, with great mechanical strength and hardness depending on the treatment applied.
  • Good rigidity and strength-to-weight ratio.
  • Excellent thermal conductivity and high electrical conductivity.


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