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NORGESTION Automotive Fabulous 50: the 50 fastest growing companies in the sector

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JG Automotive is positioned as the seventeenth Spanish automotive company with the highest growth according to the consultancy NORGESTION.

Beyond generalist analyzes that, with a macro focus, are normally carried out in automotive sector studies, we have considered it interesting to present for the first time the ranking of the Spanish companies that have had the most growth during the last two years within this sector .

This analysis has allowed us to identify companies that operate in the automotive value chain but that, in most cases, are far from the focus. We verified the existence of different companies protagonists of a very interesting evolution, that grow sensibly more than the average of the sector. Even in most cases, the levels of profitability, measured in terms of EBITDA on sales, have also been higher than the sector average (established at around 11%). The sample has been limited to the first 50 companies, with the aim of granting special recognition to their career. It is a list of companies of different sizes and disparate technologies and activities, but nevertheless, the study allows us to identify some subsectors or technologies that have performed better than others, and which allows us to reflect on the causes for this to be the case . With this spirit, we have prepared this report, trusting it is of interest.

“… reinforces the idea that process engineering is the key to success for most companies, beyond the development and product engineering.” Igor Gorostiaga Managing Partner of NORGESTION.

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