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Nissan plan in Ávila becomes “priority” to reduce deadlines in half

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The Junta de Castilla y León today approved the declaration of Industrial Priority Project Industrial Plan 2019-2024 Nissan which will streamline the processing of business investment in half the time.

The Plan foresees the transformation of the existing truck manufacturing plant in Ávila into a new spare parts production and distribution facility within its alliance with Renault.

This measure, which was adopted by the Governing Council, empowers the regional government to declare as a matter of urgency all actions to support a project that contemplates an investment of 40 million euros between 2019 and 2024 and that will maintain 1,200 jobs in the area, according to explained the spokesperson and Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, Milagros Marcos.

In this sense, the Industrial Plan approved by Nissan for its plant in Avila contemplates the industrialization of new products, incorporating the manufacture, storage and distribution of spare parts for the car since 2019, the year in which the production of the NT- 400. The company will supply car parts and stamping parts for Nissan and Renault throughout Europe from the refurbished factory, which will become a new center of the Alliance and join the industrial pole that has in the Community, hitherto integrated by the factories that the French multinational has in Valladolid and Palencia.

In addition, the 2019-2024 Industrial Plan will require the implementation of other additional infrastructures to service the walled city plant, both industrial and logistical, for which the Board has committed its support.

The Industrial Plan is backed by a social agreement to maintain the jobs in this factory, which guarantees for 2024 the same number of occupants that it currently has – a total of 470 – already linked to the new activity. In addition, it is estimated that the investments committed by Nissan and its alliance with the Renault Group will favor the maintenance and consolidation in the area of ​​around 1,200 direct and indirect jobs in the largest industrial sector in the Community.

The relevance of the automotive sector to the Castilian and Leon economy is another reason to support the Board’s commitment to investment projects in this field.

In Castilla y León this activity accounts for about 25% of the industry’s turnover – down from 11.4% in Spain – and generates 15.1% of industrial employment – more than double that in the country, where it is responsible for 7.2%. And this without taking into account the multiplier effect in terms of investment and jobs that drives the auxiliary industry.

The importance of this sector is also strategic from the point of view of competitiveness. Proof of this is that more than half of the value achieved by the exports of Castile and Leon until July 2017 – last available data – is linked to the automotive, while in Spain its weight is almost one-fifth of domestic sales abroad.

elEconomista – 09/28/2017 (Translation Soft)

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