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Nissan IMx concept: the first electric SUV is inspired by the Leaf and promises 600 km range and autonomous driving

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Nissan has presented at the Tokyo Motor Show the Nissan IMx, the concept that advances the first electric SUV of the brand.

“The zero emission IMx crossover prototype represents the future of Nissan Intelligent Mobility,” as the brand itself relates. The heart of the IMx technology is the future version of ProPILOT that mounts the Nissan Leaf, in such a way that it offers a totally autonomous driving.

When selecting the ProPILOT driving mode, the system folds the steering wheel inside the dashboard and reclines all seats, so that the driver has more space and the occupants can relax and enjoy their ride. It has capacity for four passengers.

But in this sense of robotization, Nissan intends to go further and exemplifies its capacity as follows: “For example, after taking its owner to the airport, the IMx can only park in a square where it can connect to the electric grid local and act as a ‘virtual’ power plant returning electricity to the grid.It is an extension of its ‘Vehicle to Home and Vehicle to Building’ functions.When the owner returns, the IMx can pick you up at the terminal and take you home ” , details the mark.

By contrast, if the driver chooses the manual mode, the vehicle returns the steering wheel and the seats to their original position, returning the control to the driver.

More torque than the GT-R

As for its propulsion system, it is based on two electric motors located at the front and rear, so it has four-wheel drive. These two units combine to generate 320 kW of power and an impressive 700 Nm of torque-superior to the GT-R, with 637 Nm – and all this powered by a battery of high capacity that has been redesigned to obtain an autonomy of more than 600 km with a single recharge.

Aesthetically, its body retains characteristic features such as the V-Motion grille, in addition to irrevocably evoking the latest generation of the Leaf given that it adopts the same bi-tone (black and white).

On the other hand, in the interior it emphasizes the panoramic instrument panel OLED, that can be controlled with the movement of the eyes and manual gestures thanks to the Artificial Intelligence (AI); and the screen, with wood grain design, located below the instrument panel and extending to the interior upholstery of the doors.

Although at the moment it is only a prototype and Nissan has not spoken about a hypothetical arrival to production, the design and features offered by the IMx invite you to think that it will become a reality in a very future near.

Ecomotor.es – 10/25/2017 – THE CONFIDENTIAL (Translation Soft)

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