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Nissan gained 4,300 million euros between April and December, 39.6% more

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The Japanese vehicle manufacturer Nissan Motor obtained between April and December a net profit of 578,100 million yen (4,300 million euros), 39.6% more year-on-year, thanks to the favorable impact of the tax reform in the US.

Nissan’s operating profit fell, however, by 27.6% to 364.2 billion yen (about 2,700 million euros) in the period, the first nine months of the Japanese fiscal year, due to the impact of irregular inspections in Japan revealed to end of 2017 and slow sales growth, he said in a statement.

The sales turnover of the company based in Yokohama, south of Tokyo, amounted to 8.5 trillion yen (63,430 million euros), representing an increase of 3.2% year-on-year.

The Japanese auto industry company attributed the increase in its net profits mainly to the favorable impact of the tax reform approved by the Donald Trump Administration in the United States last December, which helped it reduce tax payments by hundreds of millions. that country

The reduction of the tax on corporate profits in the North American country from 35% to 21% had a positive impact of 207,691 million yen (one 1,550 million euros) thanks to the tax relief of Nissan in the US, said the company.

In contrast to the increase in its net profit, the operation of the company was affected by “the adverse impact” of the measures to solve the problem of irregular inspections in the six plants of Japan of the manufacturer, as well as by “growth slow sales and negative price trends. ”

Nissan was forced to call a review of more than one million vehicles in the Asian country last October after detecting that some of the checks that the vehicles pass before going on sale were made by personnel without the necessary certification.

Added to this was a “slow growth in vehicle sales”, which between April and December 2017 amounted to 4.109 million units sold worldwide, 2.9% more year-on-year.

In the US, Nissan sold a total of 1,177 million units between April and December, 1.1% more than in the same period of 2016, thanks to the good demand of its Rogue and Rogue Sport models.

Meanwhile, in Japan its sales rose by 9.7% in that period to 378,000 units, and in Europe and Russia they increased by a slight 0.3% to 544,000 vehicles.

The Japanese automotive company plans to market 5.8 million vehicles globally throughout the year, which in Japan will end on March 31.

Faced with this performance, Nissan revised its forecasts for the 2017 fiscal year, in which it expects to earn a net profit of 705,000 million yen (5,250 million euros), which is 31.8% more than its previous estimate.

On the other hand, the Japanese manufacturer revised down its estimate of operating profit to 565,000 million yen (4,200 million euros), 12.4% less than previously estimated, due to the adverse effect of irregular revisions.

Nissan kept intact its sales bill forecast, which it expects to amount to 11.8 trillion yen (87.9 billion euros) for the entire year of 2017.

EFE EL DIARIO – 08/02/2018 (Translation Soft)

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