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Nissan firmly supports sustainable mobility

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The III Nissan Mobility Forum analyzes proposals to place Spain as a leader in the zero emission vehicle market.

The 3rd Nissan Mobility Forum in Madrid has allowed us to analyze today the market for zero emission vehicles, with concrete proposals to position Spain as a leader in Europe.

With an attendance of more than 200 people and with a complete institutional representation through the Ministries of Energy, Environment, Industry, General Direction of Traffic, Community of Madrid, Ayuntamiento de Madrid, Aedive and Anfac, Nissan presented a new energy vision to encourage “efficient energy to reach the world everywhere,” in addition to the new Nissan LEAF, “the car of the future in the present,” the company said in a note.

Marco Toro, Chief Executive Officer of Nissan Iberia, focused on the problems of development and solutions that are contributing zero-emission vehicles. He highlighted the possibilities that Spain has as a country to lead this evolution of zero emissions by positioning Spain as the leading market in this technology.

According to Marco Toro, “in three years, the electric vehicle market in Spain could reach a share of 8%”. “If we achieve an ecosystem with stable acquisition plans with a greater economic endowment, a VAT reduction on the purchase and a regulatory environment that favors the development of these new technologies and the rapid implementation of a network of infrastructure of load, the market of the electric vehicle in Spain will reach a quota of 8% in three years, “which would mean a volume of 120,000 vehicles.

Marco Toro alluded to the need to take concrete steps to accelerate this situation. To meet these challenges, Nissan’s proposals are:
– Stable purchase incentives and greater economic endowment than the previous ones and reduction and / or exemption of the VAT of the electric vehicles.
-Homogenization of measures to encourage the use of zero-emission vehicles throughout Spain.

-Remodelation of the figure of the load manager, an appropriate regulatory framework for the development of the vehicle to grid (V2G) and faster implementation and development of the infrastructure network.

-Greatest commitment of the Public Administrations in the purchase of fleets zero emissions.
– Positive communication in order to publicize the benefits of zero emissions in economic and social matters.
The Forum has also served to visualize Nissan’s electrical ecosystem which, among other things, allows the car’s batteries to also be used as mobile power devices “and to connect to the electric grid to play an active role in electric services, in addition to offer the opportunity to get an alternative source of income.
The xStorage Nissan and xStorage Home services improve “the efficiency of domestic electricity consumption” to make it “more sustainable” and allow you to store energy during the most economic times of the day using solar panels and wind generators and use it when you need it, thus saving money customers – about 400 euros per year.

Finally, Marco Toro also introduced the new LEAF, which is first seen in Spain. Nissan has merged electric innovation with ProPILOT technology to create the most advanced electric and connected vehicle for the general public. The ProPILOT advanced driver assistance system offers “safer and more comfortable driving” with e-Pedal technology that allows uninterrupted driving and braking with a single pedal. It is the first Nissan model in Europe to adopt the first phase of autonomous driving.

17.10.2017 | LEVANTE  (Translation Soft)


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