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McLaren BP23: faster than the legendary F1

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The next hypercar of the brand will surpass 391 km / h of F1. It will dethrone in the list of the fastest of the mark to the recently presented Senna GTR.

The McLaren Senna GTR is going to last shortly the honor of being the fastest car of the brand today if we except the Formula 1. That achievement will correspond to the next hypercar of the brand of Woking, the triplaza known internally as BP23.

This supercar, the natural heir of the P1 and inspired by the mythical McLaren F1 of the 90s both for its three-seater configuration and its spectacular performance, already boasts a top speed superior to that of the legendary British sports car. McLaren has confirmed that will exceed 391 km / h of F1, which is easy to assume will be above 400 km / h.

The future member of the Ultimate Series family of McLaren (reserved for the most extreme models, which also includes the Senna) will not only be the fastest street McLaren ever. It will also be the most luxurious and each unit will be customized by MSO, the special vehicles department of Woking.

And it will have a hybrid undercarriage with an electric motor and a petrol engine. The McLaren BP23 will be a reality later this year. One of its peculiarities will be its triple configuration with the driver in the central front position (as in Formula 1) and two companions on the sides. It will be manufactured in a limited series of 106 units with a price of 1.8 million euros … plus taxes. And, even so, everyone already has an owner …

EXPANSION – ENRIQUE NARANJO – 12 Mar. 2018 (Translation Soft)

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