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Manu Martín was at JG Automotive presenting us the entrance shirt

JG Automotive News

JG Automotive collaborates with Manu Martín @manumartin83 High level Professional Coach in the Paddle World with the objective of making work and sport compatible.

Yesterday he was presenting his new clothing for the 2018/2019 season

Manu Martín trains some of the most outstanding Top players in the world of high competition:

  • Alejandra Salazar (She has won the Alicante tournament on Sunday and was number one in the world last year)
  • Tenorio tasting 6 of the world
  • Bea González: Rookie of the year, current couple 6
  • Gaby Reca (Ex number 1 of the world)
  • Fernando Poggi (Ex number 1 of the world)
  • Javier Redondo (Tutti) Young promise

All our support to Manu Martín from JG Automotive , -)

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