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Manu Martín coach of Alejandra Salazar Win the Women’s Final of the Levante Star Murcia Open 2018

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Playing against the number 1 ranking of the World Padel Tour has become an ideal setting for Marta Marrero and Alejandra Salazar. At least, in this 2018. This duo achieved its fifth title of the course, all of them achieved against Mapi and Majo Sánchez-Alayeto, in an exciting final of the Levante Star Murcia Open. A triumph that helps them to reach the Final Master of Madrid as second pair of the female ladder.

The match began with the tricks breaking the rival serve and taking the initiative in the following games. The Sanchez-Alayeto were very strong maintaining their service, but at the final moment, with 5-4 in favor, they saw their errors penalized, lost their serve and gave rise to the reaction of Marrero and Salazar to take the first round by 7- 5.

In the second set, the number 1 soon achieved a break in the third game that allowed them to take the initiative. Nobody lost their serve and the sisters of Zaragoza scored the 1-1 in the box thanks to a 6-4 with which they sent the game to the final third set.

From JG Automotive our maximum support @manumartin83 that with this championship sign the work and dedication that Manu is doing for the paddle and its players.


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