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MAN launches the new D08 SCR engine for its TGL and TGM

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The new engine incorporates the SCR system, dispenses with the EGR and is offered in versions of four and six cylinders.

MAN has introduced its new D08 SCR engine for TGL and TGM models. It incorporates the SCR system and dispenses the EGR, and is offered in versions of four and six cylinders. The German brand also introduces new functions for its Tip Matic gearbox while optimizing the interior of its vehicles, with the location of the rotary shift control in the center console as the main novelty.

Presented in Barcelona last October 2, the new propeller is offered in versions of four and six cylinders, all without EGR. From the manufacturer advance a reduction in diesel consumption of up to 5%. The new mechanical range starts with the D0834 four-cylinder engine with a displacement of 4.6 l, which provides in its basic version 160 hp and a torque of up to 600 Nm. The mid-range variant provides 190 hp and 750 Nm, while the most powerful performance reaches 220 hp and 850 Nm of torque.

The four-cylinder version is implemented exclusively in the TGL, while the six-cylinder version D0836 with a displacement of 6.9 l in the variant of 250 hp and 1,050 Nm represents both the higher engine for the TGL and the basic power in the TGM range. The new D08 six-cylinder engine is also available in a 290-hp version with 1,150 Nm as well as a variant of 320-hp with a maximum torque of 1,250 Nm. In addition to the SCR system there is also an oxidation catalyst and a CRT filter.

MAN engineers explain that for improved fuel efficiency it is essential that the combustion temperature is higher. This goes hand in hand with the subsequent treatment of exhaust gases by SCR and enables a better degree of thermodynamic efficiency. In spite of the greater consumption of AdBlue conditioned by the system, as a final result there are lower operating costs compared to the previous generation of motors.

The capacity of the AdBlue tank is increased up to 65 liters. The vehicle is equipped with a one-stage turbocharger. In general, the new generation of D08 engines is distinguished by a less complex assembly, which also benefits the weight of the components. Depending on the power level, its weight is reduced by up to 103 kg, which means increasing the payload of the vehicle.

One thing to keep in mind is the increase in the oil change interval, which goes from 60,000 to 80,000 kilometers, although the data may vary depending on the application of the vehicle. The CRT filter has to be replaced at most every 450,000 km.

New Features TipMatic
At the same time, new features for the MAN TipMatic gearbox are available on the TGL and TGM, as the Idle Speed ​​Driving is now available for the 6-speed and 12-speed TipMatic gearboxes, a function that allows slow driving in idle speed and closed clutch without stepping on the accelerator. In this case the driving speed remains constant. “This supposes a useful support for the driver, especially in traffic little fluid or when approaching a roundabout”, explain in the mark. At the same time, Idle Speed ​​Driving reduces clutch wear.
For the 12-speed gearbox, two new MAN TipMatic functions are reserved. With the Speed ​​Shifting function, the gearbox makes the fastest changes between the top three gears, minimizing traction disruption, especially for long transmission sizing on the highway on light slopes.


The most notable change is the location of the TipMatic rotary knob on the center console.
As a new function of the gearbox in the TGL and TGM, EfficientRoll will contribute in the gearbox TipMatic of 12 marches to a reduction of the consumption in sections of roads and freeways slightly descending, stand out. From a running speed of 55 km / h, the gearbox shifts to neutral and the engine runs at idle speed with minimum consumption.

Interior optimization

The news also affects the interior equipment. Behind the wheel is a four-inch high-definition color screen. To the right, under the steering wheel the switch console has been reorganized. The related switches are arranged in groups for more intuitive operation and the functions that the driver uses most frequently during the ride are located closer to his field of vision.

Por ejemplo, el interruptor giratorio para la caja de cambios automatizada MAN TipMatic se encuentra en esta consola de mandos principales. También aquí se encuentra un nuevo módulo de climatización con una pantalla de alto contraste. Se han introducido cambios también en la ubicación de la bandeja y el número de los posavasos, mientras que la nevera/caja portaobjetos también ahora se oculta bajo la litera en las cabinas largas y ofrece 42 l en los TGX y 35 l en los TGS con cabina larga. Ahora además se puede pedir el interior de la zona inferior completamente en gris oscuro además de en beige/gris.

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