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De los Mozos highlights the importance of Spain in the Renault Group

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Renault is the main industrial company of Castilla y León

According to Cifuentes, the automotive sector employs 75,000 people in Madrid

The new facilities of Alcobendas place Renault at the forefront

The president of Renault in Spain and director of Manufacturing and Logistics of the Renault Group, José Vicente de los Mozos, has pointed out the importance that Spain has for the French automobile consortium, since it is the “second most important deployment after France”.

This was explained today by De los Mozos at the opening of the corporate headquarters of the French automobile consortium in Madrid, which has been located in the municipality of Alcobendas, who has also pointed out that the group “maintains the commitment it has with Spain”.

According to De los Mozos, “Spain is the fifth country in sales within the Group worldwide”, while affirming that 40% of the engines and 15% of vehicles are produced in Spain, among which the Kadjar, the Megane and the Captur.

For the president of Renault Spain, the new facilities “reinforce the group’s position in Spain”.

The inauguration also had the presence of the president of the Board of Castilla y León, Juan Vicente Herrera, who commented that “Renault is the main industrial company of Castilla y León, a sector where there are manufacturers of vehicles and components.”

Castilla-León and Madrid, the most benefited

For Herrera, Castilla y León has manufactured 21% of all vehicles produced in Spain in 2016 (610,000 units manufactured in the community), of which the Renault Group accounted for the vast majority, with 580,000 vehicles produced in the plants of Palencia and Valladolid.

In terms of employment, the automotive sector employs 26,000 people in Castilla y León, of which 10,700 are located in the factories of Palencia and Valladolid, Herrera added.

Finally, the president of the community of Madrid, Cristina Cifuentes, has detailed that in Madrid have registered 1 of every 3 new vehicles in the accumulated of the first new months of the year, representing an increase of 9% interannual rate .

Likewise, Cifuentes has indicated that commercial activity in Madrid, together with the manufacture and repair of automobiles, supports 9,800 companies in the region and accounts for 2,930 million euros, employing a total of 75,000 people.

In addition, the director of Communication of Renault Spain, Jesús Presa, stressed that “these new facilities put Renault at the forefront”, as it is equipped with the latest technologies and promotes creative work.

EL MUNDO – EFE – Madrid – Oct 31 2017  (Translation Soft)

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