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The Korean company has also presented in Frankfurt the Stonic, Picanto X-Line and an updated Sorento

The Kia Stobic is the next addition to the Kia range. This model has been one of the protagonsitas of the Korean brand in Frankfurt, but the real protagonist has been its Proceed Concept, a daring vision of a potential member of the future generation of the cee’d family. The model accompanies other innovations such as the Picanto X-Line and an upgraded Sorento, which will appear before the public for the first time, before it begins its commercialization worldwide by the end of this year.
The new Kia Proceed Concept has been created in the European design center that Kia has in Frankfur. This prototype features a new type of bodywork for Kia: an extension of the sporty three-door middle, with a low roof line, powerful proportions and a compact plant. This prototype incorporates a striking “shark fin” in the body that highlights the absence of B-pillar, while the stirrups emphasize the narrow line of the Proceed Concept and give a powerful image to its rear. It travels on wheels with aluminum wheels of six spokes and 20 inches in diameter.

It is painted in a specific “Red lava” color, created by a combination of multiple layers applied by hand of black, silver with chrome effect and red lacquer.
The interior is inspired by the world of tailor-made clothing and haute couture. Four split-back seats are upholstered in black wavy fabric, hand-crafted with hand-painted satin lines that flow to the footrests. The controls of the dashboard of the Proceed Concept are finished with aluminum of very good touch.
Compact crossover Kia Stonic
Shown to the public for the first time in Frankfurt, the Stonic is an important strategic model in the most modern and fastest growing segment in Europe. This is an attractive and safe compact crossover and Kia with more customization options than ever.
With one of the most impressive designs of the brand to date, the Stonic is immediately recognized as a Kia thanks to its characteristic “tiger-nose” grill. Its Targa style ceiling is a natural way to create a two-tone paint finish and will be available with up to 20 combinations, with a range of five different colors for the ceiling.
The passenger compartment will offer customers both potential customization and exterior, you can choose from a range of vivid color combinations. Designed to be ergonomic, the Stonic will also have a range of technologies to improve comfort, functionality, connectivity and security. The intelligent space distribution maximizes comfort for all passengers and makes it possible to offer a leading shoulder in its class and a generous leg and head room.
It will be powered by a range of light gasoline and diesel engines, each coupled with a manual gearbox to maximize efficiency and driving pleasure. The suspension and steering are adjusted to European taste and are designed to provide fun driving with quick response and stable reactions. The new Stonic will be on sale in Europe in a few weeks.
Picanto X-Line
Stonic shares the Kia stand with the new Picanto X-Line, which will be present in Frankfurt. The crossover-inspired Picanto X-Line further enhances the appeal of Kia’s smaller model by combining its best qualities with a new image that takes its inspiration from Kia’s renowned crossover and SUVs, such as the Sportage and the Sorento. Its robust design stands out for the contrasts of colors and a free height to the ground raised 15 mm. The result is a safe image, ready for any adventure and gives the driver a clearer view of the road.
This new version is powered by Kia’s 1.0 T-GDI engine (direct gasoline injection and turbocharger), which makes it the most powerful Picanto ever made. This engine will also be introduced in the GT-Line version when the new X-Line in Europe starts commercializing during the fourth quarter of 2017.
Sorento Update
The new Kia Sorento, the brand’s flagship seven-seater SUV, will show itself for the first time before its worldwide commercialization in the last quarter.
In recent years, the Sorento has supported the company’s continued sales success in Europe and around the world. It will be available with the new eight-speed automatic transmission from Kia, which provides smooth gearshifts, agile driving and also reduces emissions. Other enhancements include a series of upgrades in safety, comfort and functionality, such as Kia’s new infotainment system with a touch screen 8.0 (20 cm), as well as a number of driving assistance technologies for safety.

The updated Sorento will be available for the first time with the new “GTLine” specification. It offers customers the sporty look and dynamism of the high performance GT versions of Kia, while maintaining the versatility, functionality and comfort of the Sorento.
Stinger, in Europe before the end of the year
The Kia Stinger, which can be seen at the Frankfurt Motor Show with its European specifications, will have a final appearance in a European showroom before its launch in the fourth quarter of 2017. The Stinger will be available in Europe with a range of three engines: a 2.0-liter turbocharged petrol, a 2.2-liter diesel and a V6 of biturbo gasoline that reaches 370 hp. An accomplished Gran Turismo, the Stinger has been developed in Europe and is the most powerful and accelerated production model Kia has produced to date.

ABC – 13/09/2017

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