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JG Automotive News

JG Automotive continues its collaboration and support with a team of young students of Industrial Engineering Antonio and Alejandro from the @dirtyirons.uniraid team, who lead this small solidarity team, created from the Bases of the NGO UNIRAID (“impossible challenge” exclusively for students. ) which will start on February 15 to March 23, 2020.

This year they are presented with an itinerary similar to that of the previous year and several Solidarity Projects are planned: Bicycle repair workshops in the Schools, indoor and outdoor lighting systems (using LED lights and solar panels), for Gourrama School, Drug Store …

“We as a team took 2 laptops to the AIT SAID OMAR school. According to our estimates, we will carry approximately 150-160KG of solidarity material. This year we have practically focused on children’s clothing and footwear and school supplies.

As additional information, this year has been the most successful, since with 2 months in advance the inscriptions had been closed, they were complete. Also this year we have been ambassadors of our university, and we have managed to sign up 2 teams, thus expanding the reach day by day. ”

JG will be with his team supporting him from the USSR, grateful to undertake with them one more stage in the way of helping the most disadvantaged areas of the Maghreb.

We leave you doc. pdf (click on image map) to see in detail the different stages of the tour:

• Saturday: Tangier – Meknes
• Sunday: Meknes – Beni Tajite
• Monday: Beni Tajite – Tazzougert
• Tuesday: Tazougert – Erg Chebbi
• Wednesday: Erg Chebbi – Mahre
• Thursday: Mahre – (marathon stage)
• Friday: (marathon stage) – Marrakech
• Saturday: Marrakech – Marrakech
• Sunday: Marrakech – Tangier

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