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JG Automotive was in one of the test of the Fco. Dorado car: Rally racer in the Peugeot Rally Cup Ibérica

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JG Automotive was in one of the test tests of the Fco. Dorado car: runner of the Peugeot Rally Cup Ibérica

JG Automotive was inside the car (Peugeot 208 R2) of Fco. Dorado @franciscodoradovizcaino on July 17, 2018 testing the car (as co-driver) after breaking the shield and structural damage in the great prize of Portugal Castelo Branco.

The car was without the stickers, just taken from the workshop specializing in rally cars @ ARVidalRacing in Vimanzo (A Coruña), where we could get and feel the speed, power, technology and expertise needed to drive a car of these characteristics.

Everything went well at the beginning, when in the first pass of recognizing we were told by the intercom of the helmets that if I felt afraid we said it to reduce speed and not have a bad time, Fco spoke that we could have symptoms of anxiety, dizziness, fear or loss of consciousness .. uff did not look good comments … but I just thought to immortalize the moment and try to show what it feels at those speeds in a car of this type.

The experience was “very exciting” in every way, the adrenaline to 100%, nerves to the surface and a feeling that any of those curves could be the end … jj and fortunately was not, I could only turn on the phone , activate the camera and say “OK” to start the dance and this was what happened …

Thank you Fco for this experience that you gave us and good luck in your next conquests in the world of the Rally. ?

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