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JG Automotive CONGRATULATES Francisco Dorado and his co-driver Roi Torrente for his VICTORY in the “TOP TEN PIRELLI” CUP

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JG Automotive CONGRATULATES Francisco Dorado and his co-driver Roi Torrente for his VICTORY at the “TOP TEN PIRELLI DRIVER” CUP that culminated on Sunday September 21 in the last and eighth round of this Galician Championship “Rally Ourense-Lugo-Ribeira Sacra 2019”

JG collaborates with our sponsored Francisco Dorado @franciscodoradovizcaino betting on the latest technologies in competition in the world of rally racing.

Fco. Dorado gives us his impressions of this championship:

“Today I am writing to give you excellent news: last weekend, in Ourense, we proclaimed ourselves Champions of the Top Ten Pirelli B Cup!

After the absence at the Rally do Botafumeiro, we went to the Ribeira Sacra Rally eager to play a good role. In addition, it was the first rally of the year that we already knew for having run it two years ago, and we were very motivated because we had many rivals who came to this event for the first time, coming from other national championships, to make things very difficult. A total of 30 participants in the cup and 144 in the entire rally, were getting ready to make things difficult.

On Friday the opening section went well, despite using old tires we got the best time in the cup and the 11th overall scratch.

It was Saturday when the rally was complicated, because a bad decision with the tires made us waste a lot of time in the first loop. The weather was very changing and we bet on the rain, which did not appear until the next two loops.

In these loops, with a slightly more suitable ride, we are already more comfortable, although not without problems. Both a problem of engine temperature in our Peugeot, as the change before each special tire (the sections were very separate from each other and the weather was very changing) meant that we could not relax at all.

Thus we reached the last third loop in our cup, and 11th overall, one second of the second classified and twenty seconds of the first classified of the cup. A good time in the first section of this loop made us cut distances, placing seconds. We were willing to play a good role and in the second section we managed to score a 5th scracth of the general, reducing the advantage of the first classified of the cup to only 3.5 seconds. In the last section we went out again to try to get the victory in the test, we scored a sixth scracth, and we got the victory in the cup and a meritorious 7th place in the general.

This result made us mathematically champions of the cup, so together with the victory in the rally, it left us a great taste in the mouth, in the absence of two tests to finish the championship.

From here, we want to thank as we did in our social networks, which have more and more impact among all fans:

First to #imcoinsa @gititirespain @jg_automotive_sa #galmanlugo @mannfilter_official #krafft #rallycar @macrocopia @grupo_transaher #merlett @ngkntk.emea #transportesautoradio #atlantic @nokiantyrescom @petronas #proquisur @anovamaquinaria @camso_co #proteseseguridad @deltaplusiberia  #fedimatyres @tudorbatterier @kstools_com #cascosmaquinaria @bahcotools @hikoki_europe @originalwd40_es @samoaindustrial @rema_tip_top @philips #nortstand that have helped us get this year forward with guarantees.

Third to our friends and families who have supported and understood us throughout the year.

Fourth, I think that the comrades we have had a drink deserve special mention, with those we have enjoyed in the sections and to whom we owe them the one that made us improve rally to rally, @toniovba @alvarop_abeijon @davidrivasrvs @tininiglesias @castro_competicion and others many … Fifth I do not want to forget at this time of those who taught us all of the rallies, because when I joined the pilot selection three years ago I did not even know what a time control was, and most of the merit The @ptc_escuela has taught us everything.

I would also like to thank all those who are dedicated to disseminating this sport, whether professionally or not, but with their chronicles, photos, videos or interviews, they make this sport ever bigger.

And finally of course to all who follow us, give us courage in the stretches or in the parks, congratulate us or encourage us when it is not going well, it is a past feeling that support.

THANK YOU!!!!!!! It is not a farewell but that is a point, hopefully and often, in our trajectory in the Rallyes.

In Lugo see you yes or yes!

For us it really is a pleasure to have your help.

I also wanted to leave you a short video of our participation so you can see the changing conditions we had:

The next rally is the San Froilán Rally, next October 25 and 26, in which we hope

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