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Iveco presents its Daily Blue Power range

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Iveco has launched its Daily Blue Power range, which includes versions of compressed natural gas (Daily Natural Power), electric propulsion (Daily Electric) and adjusted to the new Euro 6 RDE (Daily Euro 6 RDE Ready).

The Daily Hi-Matic Natural Power is the first light commercial vehicle of compressed natural gas with eight-speed automatic transmission. It installs a three-liter F1C engine, which generates a power of 136 hp, with a maximum torque of 350 Nm. The engine complies with Euro 6 / D standards, with 76% less particulate emissions and 12% less NOx emissions than the three-liter Iveco Ero 3 diesel engine. When driving and within a real urban context, the CO2 emissions of the CNG engine are 3% lower than those of the equivalent diesel version, explained in the Italian brand.

In addition, if biomethane is used next to the CNG engine, the CO2 emissions are approaching level 0, with a reduction of 95%. Daily Hi-Matic Natural Power also optimizes consumption, with a fuel savings of 2.5% in actual urban cycles compared to the manual compressed natural gas version. “Taking into account all factors, such as fuel price and engine efficiency, natural gas allows savings of up to 35% compared to equivalent diesel versions.”

Euro 6 RDE Ready

Another version within this range is the Euro 6 RDE Ready, the first to undergo the test for the actual level of emissions Real Driving Emissions, anticipating three years to the demanding environmental requirements for 2020. The Daily Euro 6 RDE Ready mounts an Iveco F1A 2.3 liter SCR engine. The test conducted by the Daily Euro 6 RDE Ready was carried out by the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO), according to the new official procedure used to carry out the measurements under real operating conditions. The result was a compliance factor of 1.2, with an infringement limit set at 2.1 for 2020. Meanwhile, the Daily’s electric variant offers increased autonomy up to 200 km in real urban conditions, report from the manufacturer.

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